Gemanco Lab

The technicians from Gemanco SPA are available for direct visits to your fields in order to create a customized nutrition plan.
Recommending the best application of fertilizers reduces management costs and makes your farm more profitable.

Always committed to nature, Gemanco knows how important it is to create a nursery for the future. We are not only concerned with protecting and promoting the growth of plants and fruits but also of talent.

Here at Gemanco Lab we dedicate resources to young students from the University of Bari. The fruitful collaboration between us allows them to get their hands dirty in the fields, applying what they learned in the classroom. Together we study new growing and fertilization techniques and find new allies who could one day grow our company.

Fertilization plan

A fertilization plan defines the quantity of nutrients necessary for a given crop, defining the type, dose, and time of distribution of a given fertilizer, at the same time establishing the best administration ratio between the elements that will be distributed. The efficiency of a fertilization plan is closely related to the crop, the quantity and quality of the expected production, the knowledge of the place where it is operated, and the physical-chemical characteristics of the soil. Hence the need to provide clients with a soil, plant tissue, and water analysis, a service that is made available thanks to the Yara laboratory (Yara Megalab), accredited as ISO 9001 in 1993, which boasts over 40 years of experience in the agricultural sector.

Direct application in the field of fertilization plans

Find out what nutrients are needed for each crop. See how we used fertilizers to meet the needs of each crop.