YARA Air1 AdBlue

A solution Made in Italy
A clear, non-toxic, and safe-to-use product.

Air1 AdBlue

The raw material of our work is nature and that is why we must always treat it with respect. Ad Blue Air 1 is the Made in Italy solution used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust gases of vehicles with diesel engines. The product is clear and non-toxic and, should it come into contact with your hands, it can be simply rinsed with water. Even its transport does not involve particular problems as it is included in the categories at minimum risk.

How does AD Blue Air 1 work?

The solution uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, the only one that allows the reduction of exhaust gas emissions, mandatory by law. AD Blue Air 1 is sprayed in the hot exhaust gases which are broken down into water, urea, and subsequently into ammonia. It is precisely the latter that transforms nitrogen oxides into water vapour and nitrogen, two components already present in the atmosphere and thus harmless.

Do you want to reduce your vehicle’s emissions?

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