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your crops
The gold
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Extra-virgin olive oil:
Extra precious

Gemanco SPA

A company with deep roots that is a household name in the agricultural sector.
We have been professionally managing the distribution of Yara fertilizers, the storage and processing of certified seeds and grains, and the distribution of the AdBlue Air1 additive in Apulia and Basilicata since 1976, when the company was founded.

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We work in different sectors but always at our best We like to keep up-to-date, follow innovation, look for cutting edge machinery.
fertilizzanti yara

Yara fertilizers

cereali e eleguminose

Grains and pulses

Olio extra vergine di oliva

extra-virgin olive oil

Gemanco Lab

We not only promote the growth of plants and crops but we also give students from the DISAD department of the University of Bari the opportunity to field test the concepts learned in class.

Direct application of fertilization plans

Find out what nutrients are needed for each crop. See how we used fertilizers to meet the needs of each crop.