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Agricultural consultancy
Not just fertilizers: Gemanco Spa offers products and services aimed at sharing knowledge and optimizing crop yield and quality./h6>

Agricultural consultancy

Knowing crops is essential when choosing the product to apply and how much.
Once you have the correct portfolio, the focus shifts to understanding what is the best time of application. Gemanco’s advice to farmers is aimed at maximizing the quantity and quality of production, optimizing management costs with a lower environmental impact.

Analysis service

The Gemanco Analysis Service provides analysis for soil, plant tissues, and water from any part of the world.

All plants need an adequate and balanced supply of nutrients to grow healthy and ensure maximum performance. The acquisition and use of accurate information in the form of analytical data is now essential to make decisions about crop nutrition.

The analyzes make it possible to identify the main nutrients in the soil and plant tissues in order to provide the necessary inputs in a precise manner, reducing waste and paying attention to the environment.

The analyzes also ensure the timely identification of potential problems such as deficiencies or imbalances, allowing corrective actions to avoid costly subsequent interventions. In short, the analyzes provide the information you need to ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective decisions.


Megalab ™ is a secure biometric analysis interpretation system which today operates through a network of accredited laboratories, processing data from all over the world.
  • Fast and accurate results via the web or via e-mail;
  • Complete reports on the nutritional status of crops;
  • Fertilization programs aimed at specific nutritional needs;
  • Stronger relationship between Gemanco, the customer, and the farmer.
Tissue analysis is a tool that allows you to make quick and curative decisions based on the crop’s nutritional status. The tissue analysis includes samples of leaves, petioles, and fruit. Good crop management is based on knowledge of the factors that could limit yields. Whether it is a nutrient deficiency or excess, achieving the right balance depends on analyzing the amount of nutrients in plant tissues and soil before application.


N-Tester™ is a portable tool that allows quick and easy measurements on a crop to determine its precise need for nitrogen. N-Tester™ is able to quickly measure the nitrogenous nutritional status of a crop through the direct and non-destructive measurement of the leaf content of chlorophyll. Therefore, it helps to define the most appropriate time and the optimal nitrogen dose to distribute on the plant. The working of the tool is very simple: the necessary data are detected photometrically through the ‘pliers’ within which the leaf of the plant is pinched. The combination of thirty random measurements on the crop leads to the definition of the ‘nitrogen fertilization advice’.


TankmixIT is a unique smartphone application that provides information on the physical compatibility of YaraVita fertilizers with pesticides. Using the app is very simple.

After downloading and installing it, read and accept the contents of the disclaimer and select a country to access the appropriate product range. At this point, choose the YaraVita™ product and the other foliar product.

The app will then generate the list of all lab tests carried out involving the two selected products and the result of such tests. If the required combination is not found, a new mix test can be requested. If the foliar products are already available in our laboratories, the new test will be carried out within a few hours.

Since there are many variables that can affect miscibility results, Gemanco recommends using TankmixIT as a guide and not as an absolute guarantee of physical or biological compatibility.


CheckIT is a smartphone app for agriculture which provides farmers with a photographic collection of crops to allow the simple and quick identification of possible nutritional deficiencies.

Users can refer to high-definition pictures of deficiencies, filter them by symptom, by position of the symptom on the crop, or by cause of the deficiency. Once the cause of the deficiency has been established, the app provides further information on how the deficiency affects the crop, which soil can lead to this deficiency, and which factors aggravate it.

CheckIt provides fertilizing advice to treat the identified deficiency or to prevent it in the next growing season. The app is customized by crop and by country.

CheckIt allows farmers to do a deficiency analysis directly in the field and provides nutritional advice to help them improve crop quality and increase yield.

Gemanco Lab

Gemanco S.p.A, for several years and in collaboration with Yara and the University of Bari, has been actively present in the area by carrying out direct tests in the field at companies that show interest in applying the recommended fertilization plans.